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Change the background color of the options when the Select box has been change select box option background put s placeholder color with CSS 3.

Css select option placeholder color. Firefox placeholder color You might notice how in Firefox the color of the placeholder looks faded when compared to other the image below, Firefox 43 is shown on the left whilst Chrome 47 is shown on the right: The Chrome version is ideally the style that we d like to see everywhere.

Is it possible to have a placeholder on a select tag select placeholder select your beverage option Tea option option coffee.

After, which works fine But this also made the options a dark grey instead of e here I only want to change the color of the placeholder to dark grey not. How do I make a placeholder for aselect' lect option owse other questions tagged html css html5 html select placeholder , ask your own.

Select dropdown placeholder with disabled fault CSS lect dropdown placeholder with disabled options

Value 2 Opt2 option select CSS Options. Theplaceholder shown pseudo class selects the input element itself when placeholder text exists in a form input Think of it as a nice way to distinguish.

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