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The nf has some additional options Chris s AIX Blog were some new options available in the nf file for AIX 6 1, including the rotate.

Aix resolv conf options rotate.

Ts RES ROTATE inres options The options keyword of a system s nf file can be amended on a per process basis by etc nf resolv h

DNS lookup configuration AIX offers a confusing array of options when configuring your system to be a simple DNS client The traditional way is to create an etc. For example, nf inetc/ looks like this search nameservernameserveroptions timeout 3 options attempts 2 Here.

Avoiding DNS timeouts when a dns server fails Try using options rotate in nf This will minimize the impact of the primary server being down. Sep 03, 2009 Problem figured out It seems that dig, nslookup do not use these options in nf, but when I used ping it worked etc init d nscd reload.

Lately I somehow bumped on the manpage of nf While reading it I saw the following really nice option: rotate sets RES ROTATE inres options.

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rotate Sets RES ROTATE inres options, which causes round- robin selection of name servers from among those etc nf resolv h. Prior to this update, glibc incorrectly handled theoptions rotate" option in theetc nf file when this file also contained one or more IPv6 name servers.

Mar 16, 2010 nf and DNS configration AIX Tags I have enabled the nf to be configured I dont have in my nf file.

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FYI There are new options foretc nf in AIX 6 1not in 5 3 timeout Enables you to specify the initial timeout for a query to a nameserver. May 24, 2010 Guy s Pls provide me the exact DNS parameter that needs to be defined in nf tried changing theoptions attempts 1.

Was hoping to implement theoptions rotate" directive within nf to have DNS lookups rotate through the nameservers listed in that file As I understand it. The weird domain name resolution mechanism on AIX also helps to tweak the options inetc nf Illogically options rotate helps a lot.

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